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Atrocities, Duels, Suicides, And Execution Of Gamblers

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Atrocities, Duels, Suicides, And Execution Of Gamblers

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Casino Gambling in history

April. 'A meeting was to have taken place yesterday in
consequence of a dispute at play, between Captain R--n--s and Mr
B--e--r, a gentleman of fortune; but it was prevented by the
interference of the police, and the parties escaped. It took
place, however, on the following day, on Wimbledon Common, and
after exchanging a single shot the matter was adjusted.'

May. 'In consequence of a dispute at a gaming table, on Monday
night, in the vicinity of Piccadilly, Mr M--, who was an officer
in the British service at Brussels, and Mr B--n, a medical man,
met, at three in the morning, on Tuesday, in the King's Road.
They fought at twelve paces. Mr B--n was wounded on the back
part of the hand, and the affair was adjusted.'

July. 'A duel was fought yesterday morning, on Wimbledon Common,
between a Mr Arrowsmith and Lieut. Flynn, which ended in the
former being wounded in the thigh. The dispute which occasioned
the meeting originated in a gaming transaction.'

September. 'A duel was fought this morning on Hounslow Heath,
between Messrs Hillson and Marsden. The dispute arose in one of
the stands at Egham races. The latter was seriously wounded in
the left side, and conveyed away in a gig.'

November. 'A duel originating, over a dispute at play was fixed
to take place on Wimbledon Common, at daybreak, yesterday
morning, but information having been received that police
officers were waiting, the parties withdrew.'

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