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Atrocities, Duels, Suicides, And Execution Of Gamblers

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Atrocities, Duels, Suicides, And Execution Of Gamblers

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Casino Gambling in history


A Monsieur de Boisseuil, one of the Kings equerries, being at a
card-party, detected one of the players cheating, and exposed his

The insulted 'gentleman' demanded satisfaction, when Boisseuil
replied that he did not fight with a person who was a rogue.

'That MAY be,' said the other, 'but I do not like to be CALLED

They met on the ground, and Boisseuil received two desperate
wounds from the sharper.

This man's plea against Boisseuil is a remarkable trait. Madame
de Stael has alluded to it in her best style. 'In France,' she
says, 'we constantly see persons of distinguished rank, who, when
accused of an improper action, will say--"It may have been wrong,
but no one will dare assert it to my face!" Such an expression
is an evident proof of confirmed depravity; for, what would be
the condition of society if it was only requisite to kill one
another, to commit with impunity every evil action,--to break
one's word and assert falsehood--provided no one dared tell you
that you lied?'

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