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Atrocities, Duels, Suicides, And Execution Of Gamblers

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Atrocities, Duels, Suicides, And Execution Of Gamblers

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Casino Gambling in history

At the expiration of that time, Mr Gower said to Major Oneby--'We
have had hot words, and you were the aggressor, but I think we
may pass it over'--at the same time offering him his hand; but
the Major replied--'No, d--n you, I WILL HAVE YOUR BLOOD.'

After this, the reckoning being paid, all the company, excepting
Major Oneby, went out to go home, and he called to Mr Gower,
saying--'Young man, come back, I have something to say to you.'
Whereupon Mr Gower returned to the room, and immediately the door
was closed, and the rest of the company excluded--when a clashing
of swords was heard, and Major Oneby gave Mr Gower a mortal
wound. It was found, on the breaking up of the company, that
Major Oneby had his great coat over his shoulders, and that he
had received three slight wounds in the fight. Mr Gower, being
asked on his death-bed whether he had received his wounds in a
manner among swordsmen called fair, answered--'I think I did.'
Major Oneby was tried for the offence, and found guilty of
murder, 'having acted upon malice and deliberation, and not from
sudden passion.'

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