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Atrocities, Duels, Suicides, And Execution Of Gamblers

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Atrocities, Duels, Suicides, And Execution Of Gamblers

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Casino Gambling in history

'February 27th last I visited Richard Parsons, who, I found, had
an inflamed leg, stretching from the foot almost to the knee,
tending to a gangrene. The tenseness and redness of the skin was
almost gone off, and became of a duskish and livid colour, and
felt very lax and flabby. Symptoms being so dangerous, some
incisions were made down to the quick, some spirituous
fomentations made use of, and the whole limb dressed up with such
applications as are most approved in such desperate
circumstances, joined with proper internal medicines. The next
day he seemed much the same; but on March the 1st he was worse,
the incisions discharged a sharp fetid odor (which is generally
of the worst consequence). On the next day, which was Sunday,
the symptoms seemed to be a little more favourable; but, to my
great surprise, the very next day I found his leg not only
mortified up to the knee, but the same began anew in four
different parts, viz., under each eye, on the top of his
shoulder, and on one hand; and in about twelve hours after he
died. I shall not presume to say there was anything supernatural
in the case; but, however, it must be confessed, that such cases
are rather uncommon in subjects so young, and of so good a habit
as he had always been previous to his illness.'

On one occasion Justice Maule was about to pass sentence on a
prisoner, who upon being asked to say why judgment should not be
pronounced, 'wished that God might strike him dead if he was not
innocent of the crime.' After a pause, the judge said:--'As the
Almighty has not thought proper to comply with your request, the
sentence of the court is,' &c.

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