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Amusing Card Tricks

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Amusing Card Tricks

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Casino Gambling in history

These tricks appeared originally in Beeton's Christmas
Annual, and are here reproduced with permission.

Although my work is a history of gambling, in all its horrors,
and with all its terrible moral warnings, I gladly conclude it
'happily,' after the manner of the most pleasing novels and
romances,--namely, by a method of contriving innocent and
interesting amusement with cards, without the 'chance' of
encountering the risks, calamities, and disgrace of gambling.

I was led to the investigation of this branch of my subject by
the following incident. Being present at a party when a
gentleman performed one of the tricks described, No. 7, the rest
of the company and myself were all much surprised at the result,
and urgently requested him to explain the method of his
performance, which, however, he stoutly refused to do, averring
that he would not take L1000 for it. This was so ridiculously
provoking that I offered to bet him L5 that I would discover the
method within 24 hours. To my astonishment he declined the bet,
not, however, without a sort of compliment, admitting that I
MIGHT do so. He was right; for, as Edgar Poe averred, no man can
invent a puzzle which some other man cannot unravel. In effect,
I called upon him the following day, and performed the trick not
only according to his method, but also by another, equally
successful. I have reason to believe that most of the tricks of
my selection had not previously appeared in print; at any rate, I
have given to all of them an exposition which may entitle them to
some claim of originality.

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