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Amusing Card Tricks

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Amusing Card Tricks

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All the letters of the words being thus covered, ask the party
who has thought of the cards to tell you in which lines these
cards are. If both are in the first line (cicos), they must be
those on the two c's; if they are both in the second line, they
cover the d's in dedit; both in the third line, they cover the
u's in tumus; both in the fourth, they cover the n's in nemon.

If one be in the first line and the other in the second, they
cover the i's in cicos and dedit, and thus of the rest-- the two
cards thought of NECESSARILY covering two SIMILAR LETTERS, whilst
each of the letters occurs only TWICE in the diagram.

7. To tell a card thought of without even looking at the cards.

Take any number of cards,--say twenty. Pretend to shuffle them
with the faces towards you, and REMEMBER THE FIRST CARD as you
close the pack--suppose the ten of diamonds. Tell the party that
the only condition you require is to be told the ORDER in which
the card is dealt out by you; in other words, he must tell you
whether in dealing it comes out first, second, third, &c.

Remembering your first card, you may then turn your back to him,
and deal out the cards one by one, and one upon the top of the
other, requesting him to think of a card and its order as before

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