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Amusing Card Tricks

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Amusing Card Tricks

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Of course the party counts TO himself, and only speaks to
designate the point on which he stops, namely, G in this example.

This trick may be performed with any number of cards-- as few as
six, or as many as fifteen. Then you must always add to the
number the total of the cards used. The trick will be much more
interesting and striking if you turn the cards face downwards,
only trusting to your memory to retain the order of the numbers.

Of course, the letters are only used to facilitate the
explanation. The cards really form a sort of circle, beginning
at 1 or the ace on the left, and then continuing with the 2, the
3, the 4, the 5, and so on, to the 10 below the ace; and, by
necessity, the party must end his counting with the very card he
thought of, beginning from the one he happens to point out.

13. The card that cannot be found.

Take any number of cards and spread them out fan-like in your
hand, faces fronting the spectators.

Ask one of them to select a card. You tell him to take it, and
then to place it at the bottom of the pack. You hold up the
pack, so that the spectators may see that the card is really at
the bottom. Suppose this card is the king of hearts.

Then, pretending to take that card, you take the card preceding
it, and place it at a point corresponding to A in the following

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