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Amusing Card Tricks

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Amusing Card Tricks

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Doubtless these specimens will suffice to suggest phrases for
every other card. Such phrases may be written out and got by
heart--only twenty-three being required; but this seems useless,
for it does not require much tact at improvisation to hit upon a
phrase commencing with any letter. However, it will be better to
take every precaution rather than run the risk of stopping in the
performance, whose success mainly depends upon the apparently
inspired rapidity of the answers. The performer might conceal in
the hollow of his hand a small table exactly like the figure, to
facilitate his questions. As for the medium, he, or she, must
rely entirely on memory. Of course the spectators may be allowed
to see that the medium is completely blindfolded. This modern
trick has always puzzled the keenest spectators

15. The mystery of double sight.

All the cards of a pack, or indeed any common object touched by a
spectator, may be named by an assistant in the following way--
whilst in another apartment, or blindfolded.

Take 32 cards and arrange them in four lines, one under the
other. You arrange with your assistant to name the first line
after the days of the week; the second will represent the weeks,
the third the months, the fourth the years. The assistant is
enjoined to count the days aloud, and the first card by the left.

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