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Amusing Card Tricks

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Amusing Card Tricks

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Example:--Add the question of the simple number to the question
of the decade or ten. Thus, in pronouncing the words 'Say now,'
11--for say is 10, and now is 1, total 11. This, therefore,
forms question 11.

Again--'Tell me which number,' 28--for 'tell me' is 20, and
'which' is 8, total 28.

Thirdly:--'I request you instantly,' 37; for 'I request you' is
30, and 'instantly' is 7, total 37.

All the expressions or words that follow are totally independent
of the answer, and are only adapted to embellish or mystify the
question as far as the audience is concerned. For instance:

Question 7. Instantly, what I have in my hand? Answer, A watch.

Question 9. Quick, the hour? Answer, nine o'clock.

Question 30, I request you (2) reply--the minutes. Answer, 32
minutes, that is 30 and 2, equal to 32.

It would be useless to give the entire correspondence invented
for this apparently mysterious revelation, as a few specimens
will suffice to show the principle.

Say what I hold? A handkerchief.
Say now what I hold? A snuff-box.
Say, reply, what I hold? A pair of spectacles.
Say and name what I hold? A box.
Say and try to say what I hold? A hat.
Say quickly what I hold? An umbrella.

Tell me, reply, what I hold? A knife.
Tell me what I hold? A purse.
Tell me now what I hold? A pipe.
Tell me and try to say what I hold? A needle.
Tell me quickly what I hold? A cane.

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