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Amusing Card Tricks

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Amusing Card Tricks

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18. To get a card into a pack firmly held by a party.

This trick strikingly shows how easily we may all be deceived by

Select the five or seven of any suit, say the seven of hearts,
and handing the remainder of the pack to a party, show him the
card, with your thumb on the seventh pip, so as to conceal it,
saying:--'Now, hold the pack as firmly as you can, and keep your
eye upon it to see that there is no trickery, and yet I undertake
to get into it this six of hearts.' This injunction rivets his
attention, and doubtless, like other wise people destined to be
deceived, he feels quite sure that nobody can 'take him in.' In
this satisfactory condition for the operation on both sides, you
flourish the card so as just to reach the level of the top of
your hat (if you wear an Alpine scolloped, so much the better),
and then, bringing down the card, rapidly strike it on the pack
twice, uttering the words one, two, at each stroke; but, on the
third raising of the card, leave it on the top of your hat,
striking the pack with your hand--with the word three. Then
request the party to look for the six of hearts in the pack, and
he will surely find it, to his amazement.

This trick may be performed in a drawing-room, if the operator be
seated, dropping the card behind his back, especially in an easy-

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