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Amusing Card Tricks

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Amusing Card Tricks

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Casino Gambling in history

There are several ways of performing this sleight-of-hand. The
cards being cut, and forming two lots on the table, smartly
snatch up the lot which should be placed on the other, with the
left hand.

This lot being taken up and the hand being in the position shown
in the figure, snatch up in like manner the other lot, and, by a
movement of the palm of the hand and the tips of the fingers,
pass the second lot under the first.

The deception of the trick depends upon its dexterity, and this
can only be acquired by practice. But really it may be dispensed
with; for it is a curious fact that, in every case when the cards
are cut, you may actually replace them just as they were without
being observed by the spectators--for the simple reason that the
ruse is not suspected, especially if their attention is otherwise
engaged with your pointed observations.

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