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Chevaliers D'industrie, Or Polite Sharpers

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Chevaliers D'industrie, Or Polite Sharpers

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Casino Gambling in history

[3] This narrative is condensed from the account of the affair by
Robert-Hondin, Tricherics des Grecs devoilees.


A turfite and gambler, represented under the letters of Mr H--e,
having lost all his money at Doncaster and the following York
Meeting, devised a plan, with his coadjutor, to obtain the means
for their departure from York, which, no doubt, will be
considered exceedingly ingenious.

He had heard of an attorney in the town who was very fond of
Backgammon; and on this simple piece of information an elaborate
plan was concocted. Mr H--e feigned illness, went to bed, and
sent for a large quantity of tartar emetic, which he took. After
he had suffered the operation of the first dose he sent for a
doctor, who pronounced him, of course, very languid and ill; and
not knowing the cause, ordered him more medicine, which the
patient took good care not to allow to stay on his stomach.

On the second day he asked the doctor, with great gravity, if he
considered him in danger, adding, 'because he had never made a
WILL to bequeath his property.' The doctor replied, 'No, not in
absolute danger, but there was no harm in making a WILL.'

The attorney, accordingly, was sent for--of course the very man
wished for--the lover of Backgammon before mentioned. The good
man came; he took the 'instructions,' and drew up the last will
and testament of the ruined turfite, who left (in the will) about
L50,000, which no man ever heard of, living or dead.

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