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Chevaliers D'industrie, Or Polite Sharpers

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Chevaliers D'industrie, Or Polite Sharpers

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Casino Gambling in history

They began again. Lost! 'You have a COW in your paddock,
haven't you? What's that worth?' asked Mr H--e. The attorney
said L12. 'Well, I'll set that sum by way of giving you a
chance.' The game proceeded, and the poor lawyer, equally
unfortunate, raved and swore he had lost his last shilling. 'No,
no!' said H--e,' you have not: I saw a HAY-RICK in your ground.
It is of no use now that the horse and cow are gone-- what is
that worth?' L15, replied the attorney, with a sigh. 'I set L15
then,' said H--e.

This seemed to be 'rather too much' for the lawyer. The loss of
the hay-rick--like the last straw laid on the overladen camel's
back--staggered him. Besides, he thought he saw--as doubtless he
did see--H--e twisting his fingers round one of the dice. Up he
started at once, and declared that he was cheated!

Thereupon the sick man forgot his sickness, jumped out of bed,
and gave the lawyer a regular drubbing, got the cheque for the
L2000,--but the horse, cow, and hay he said he would leave 'until
further orders.'

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