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The History Of Dice And Cards

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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The History Of Dice And Cards

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Casino Gambling in history

There is a difference in the eyes of two of the knaves--those of
diamonds and hearts, more apparent in the old patterns,
suggesting the inference that they are blind. This has been made
the basis of a card trick, as to which two of the four knaves
presenting themselves would be selected as servants. Of course
the blind ones would be rejected. A bet is sometimes proposed to
the unwary, at Whist, but one of the party will have in his hand,
after the deal, only one of a suit, or none of a suit. The bet
should not be taken, as this result very frequently happens.

Lastly, there is an arithmetical puzzle of the most startling
effect to be contrived with a pack of cards, as follows. Let a
party make up parcels of cards, beginning with a number of pips
on any card, and then counting up to twelve with individual
cards. In the first part of the trick it must be understood that
the court cards count as ten, all others according to the pips.
Thus, a king put down will require only two cards to make up 12,
whereas the ace will require 11, and so on. Now, when all the
parcels are completed, the performer of the trick requires to
know only the number of parcels thus made, and the remainder, if
any, to declare after a momentary calculation, the exact number
of pips on the first cards laid down--to the astonishment of
those not in the secret. In fact, there is no possible
arrangement of the cards, according to this method, which can
prevent an adept from declaring the number of pips required,
after being informed of the number of parcels, and the remainder,
if any. This startling performance will be explained in a
subsequent chapter--amusing card tricks.

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