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Fortune-Telling By Cards (For Ladies)

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Fortune-Telling By Cards (For Ladies)

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Casino Gambling in history

'The earliest work on cartomancy was written or compiled by one
Francesco Marcolini, and printed at Venice in 1540.'[85]

[85] The Book of Days, Feb. 21. In this work there is a somewhat
different account of cartomancy to that which I have expounded
'on the best authorities' and from practical experience with the
adepts in the art; but, in a matter of such immense importance to
ladies of all degrees, I have thought proper to give, in
foot-notes, the differing interpretations of the writer in the
Book of Days, who professes to speak with some authority, not
however, I think, superior to mine, for I have investigated the
subject to the utmost.

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