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Fortune-Telling By Cards (For Ladies)

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Fortune-Telling By Cards (For Ladies)

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Casino Gambling in history

The suit of hearts, as previously explained, represented
originally the ecclesiastical order, the jolly monks, churchmen
of all degrees; how far the indications tally must be left to the
ingenious reader to determine. The ace of hearts means feasting
and pleasure; but if attended by spades, it foretells
quarrelling; if by hearts it shows affection and friendship; if
by diamonds, you will hear of some absent friend; if by clubs, of
merry-making: the king of hearts denotes a not VERY fair man,
good-natured, but hot and hasty individual, and very amorous; the
queen of hearts promises a lady of golden locks (not necessarily
'carrots'), faithful and affectionate; the knave of hearts is a
particular friend, and great attention must be paid to the card
that stands next to him, as from it alone you can judge whether
the person it represents will favour your inclination or not,
because he is always the dearest friend or nearest relation of
the consulting party; the ten of hearts shows good nature and
many children, and is a corrective of the bad tidings of the
cards that stand next to it; and if its neighbouring cards are of
good import, it ascertains and confirms their value: nine of
hearts promises wealth, grandeur, and high esteem; if cards that
are unfavourable stand near it, you may expect disappointments;
and the reverse, if favourable cards follow; if these last be at
a small distance, expect to retrieve your losses, whether of
peace or goods: eight of hearts signifies drinking and feasting;
seven of hearts shows a fickle and unfaithful person, vicious,
spiteful, malicious; six of hearts promises a generous, open,
credulous disposition, often a dupe; if this card comes before
your king or queen (as the case may be) YOU will be the dupe; if
after, you will get the upper hand: five of hearts portends a
wavering, unsteady, unreliable individual of either sex: four of
hearts indicates late marriage from 'delicacy in making a
choice:' trey of hearts is rather a 'poser;' 'it shows that your
own impudence will greatly contribute to your experiencing the
ill-will of others:' deuce of hearts promises extraordinary
success and good fortune, though, perhaps, you may have to wait
long for 'the good time coming.'[82]

[82] Or,--the ace of hearts denotes the house of the consulter;
the queen, a lady not VERY fair; seven, many good friends; six,
honourable courtship; five, a present; four, domestic troubles
caused by jealousy.

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