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Fortune-Telling By Cards (For Ladies)

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Fortune-Telling By Cards (For Ladies)

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Casino Gambling in history

The suit of spades originally represented the NOBILITY, and the
following are its significances in fortune-telling. The ace of
spades wholly relates to love-affairs, without specifying whether
lawful or unlawful--a pretty general occupation of the
'nobility,' of course; it also denotes death when the card is
upside down: the king of spades shows a man ambitious and
successful at court, or with some great man who will have it in
his power to advance him--but, let him beware of the reverse! the
queen of spades shows that a person will be corrupted by the rich
of both sexes; if she is handsome great attempts will be made on
her virtue: the knave of spades shows a fellow that requires much
rousing, although 'quite willing to serve you' with his influence
and patronage--like many a member in the case of his importunate
constituents: the ten of spades is a card of caution,
counteracting the good effect of the card near you: the nine of
spades is positively the worst card in the whole pack; it
portends dangerous sickness, total loss of fortune, cruel
calamities, endless dissension in your family, and death at
last--I hope you may never see it near you: the eight of spades
indicates much opposition from your FRIENDS, or those you imagine
to be such; if this card comes near you, leave your plan and
adopt another: seven of spades shows the loss of a most valuable,
influential friend, whose death will plunge you in very great
distress and poverty: the six of spades announces a mediocrity of
fortune, and great uncertainty in your undertakings: the five of
spades is rather doubtful as to success or a rise in life; but it
promises luck in the choice of your companion for life, although
it shows that your own temper is rather sullen--and so to get a
'fond creature' to take care of you, with such a temper, is a
mighty great blessing, and more than you deserve: the four of
spades shows sickness speedily, and injury of fortune by friends:
the trey of spades shows that you will be fortunate in marriage,
but that your inconstant temper will make you unhappy:
the deuce of spades is the UNDERTAKER, at last; it positively
shows a COFFIN, but who it is for must depend entirely on the
cards that are near it.[83]

[83] Or,--the ace of spades denotes death, malice, a duel, a
general misfortune; the king, a man of very dark complexion,
ambitious, and unscrupulous; the queen, a very dark- complexioned
woman of malicious disposition, or a widow; the knave, a lawyer,
a person to be shunned; the ten, disgrace, crime, imprisonment,
death on the scaffold; the eight, great danger from imprudence;
the six, a child, to the unmarried a card of caution; the five,
great danger from giving way to bad temper; the trey, a journey
by land,--tears; the deuce, a removal.

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