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Professional Gamesters And Their Frauds

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Professional Gamesters And Their Frauds

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Casino Gambling in history CHAPTER II

A gambling house at the end of the last century was conducted by
the following officials:--

1. A Commissioner,--who was always a proprietor; who looked in
of a night, and audited the week's account with two other

2. A Director,--who superintended the room.

3. An Operator,--who dealt the cards at the cheating game called

4. Two Croupiers, or crow-pees, as they were vulgarly called,
whose duty it was to watch the cards and gather or rake in the
money for the bank.

5. Two Puffs,--who had money given to them to decoy others to

6. A Clerk,--who was a check on the Puffs, to see that they sank
none of the money given to them to play with.

7. A Squib,--who was a puff of a lower rank, serving at half
salary, whilst learning to deal.

8. A Flasher,--to swear how often the bank had been stripped by
lucky players.

9. A Dunner,--who went about to recover money lost at play.

10. A Waiter,--to fill out wine, snuff candles, and attend the

11. An Attorney,--who was generally a Newgate solicitor.

12. A Captain,--who was to fight any gentleman who might be
peevish at losing his money.

13. An Usher,--who lighted the gentlemen up and down stairs, and
gave the word to the porter.

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