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The Gaming Clubs

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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The Gaming Clubs

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Casino Gambling in history

Many curious facts came out during the trial.

It was Mr Brooke Greville who admitted that he was a considerable
winner at play--having 'no hesitation in saying that he had won
L35,000 in the course of 15 years,' chiefly at Whist; that he had
followed play as an occupation, at Graham's Club. He lost,
however, L14,000 at Brighton in 1828, a considerable portion of
it to Lord de Ros; but this loss he made up in three or four
years (that is, won L14,000 in that time), and, excepting that
reverse, he was generally fortunate at play.'

A Captain J. Alexander, half-pay R. N., declared that he had won
as much as L700 at a time, having, however, to pay half to
another partner; his winnings might be L1600 a-year. 'I began to
play,' he said, 'about 25 or 28 years ago, and, expecting that I
should be asked the question, I have looked into my accounts, and
find that I am about L10,000 better than as though I had not
played. That is a yearly average of L500.' He had, however,
lost about L1000 during the previous year.

This Captain Alexander was asked how many hours he played before
dinner, and he answered--'From three to five hours'--adding,
however, that 'he HAD played ALL NIGHT.' Then the counsel said,
'I suppose you take but a slight dinner?' He replied:--

'Why, I generally make as good a dinner as I can get.' The
learned counsel continued:--

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