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Oddities And Witticisms Of Gamblers

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Oddities And Witticisms Of Gamblers

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Casino Gambling in history

He laughed so heartily at the event,
and conducted himself so extravagantly,
that I felt persuaded the thing was accidental. He proposed
doubling the stakes, which I refused; yet I agreed to play him
for the same sum as before, but giving him only fourteen. By
some chance he won again; and then I declined playing any more;
but he pushed me so hard, and offered to play the even game
rather than I should give over, that I was induced to yield. He
declared he did not want my money, and wished to give me an
opportunity of recovering it. It was the depth of artifice, and
I discovered it too late. He won . . . and I had no money to
pay! One of the bystanders took part with him; my case did not
invite or interest any one to stand by me. I was treated with
great indignity; and though I gave up my watch and every article
of value I possessed, yet I was not allowed to depart without
very ill usage. I had transgressed the laws of gaming, by
betting after I had ceased to be able to pay; but I had so
confidently felt that I had my antagonist in my own power, that I
considered the stake as my own as soon as the bet was made. The
injuries I received were very severe, and confined me to my bed
for several days.'[32]

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