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Oddities And Witticisms Of Gamblers

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Oddities And Witticisms Of Gamblers

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Casino Gambling in history


Horace Walpole, writing to Mann, says:-- 'The event that has made
most noise since my last is the extempore wedding of the youngest
of the two Gunnings, two ladies of surpassing loveliness, named
respectively Mary and Elizabeth, the daughters of John Gunning,
Esq., of Castle Coote, in Ireland, whom Mrs Montague calls "those
goddesses the Gunnings." Lord Coventry, a grave young lord, of
the remains of the patriot breed, has long dangled after the
eldest, virtuously, with regard to her honour, not very
honourably with regard to his own credit. About six weeks ago
Duke Hamilton, the very reverse of the earl, hot, debauched,
extravagant, and equally damaged in his fortune and person, fell
in love with the youngest at the masquerade, and determined to
marry her in the spring. About a fortnight since, at an immense
assembly at my Lord Chesterfield's, made to show the house, which
is really most magnificent, Duke Hamilton made violent love at
one end of the room, while he was playing at Faro at the other
end; that is, he saw neither the bank nor his own cards, which
were of three hundred pounds each: he soon lost a thousand. I
own I was so little a professor in love that I thought all this
parade looked ill for the poor girl; and could not conceive, if
he was so much engaged with his mistress as to disregard such
sums, why he played at all. However, two nights afterwards,
being left alone with her, while her mother and sister were at
Bedford House, he found himself so impatient that he sent for a
parson. The Doctor refused to perform the ceremony without
license or ring; the duke swore he would send for the archbishop;
at last they were married with a ring of the BED-CURTAIN, at
half-an-hour after twelve at night, at May-fair Chapel.'

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