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Piquet, Basset, Faro, Hazard, Passe-Dix, Put, Cross And Pile,Thimble-Rig

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Piquet, Basset, Faro, Hazard, Passe-Dix, Put, Cross And Pile,Thimble-Rig

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Casino Gambling in history

'In addition to the fixed rules of English Hazard, there are
several regulations which require to be observed. The round
table on which it is played has a deeply bevelled edge, which is
intended to prevent the dice from landing on the floor, which
would be no throw. Again, if either die after having left the
box should strike any object on the table (such as a man's elbow
or stick) except MONEY, it would be called no throw. Again, each
player has the privilege of "calling dice," even when the dice
are in transitu, which, if done, renders the throw void, and
causes another set to be handed to the caster by the groom-
porter. Many a lucky coup has become manque by some captious
player exercising this privilege, and many an angry rencontre has
ensued between the officious meddler and the disappointed caster,
who finds that he has nicked his main to no advantage. Sometimes
one die remains in the box after the other has been landed; then
the caster may either throw it quickly, or may tantalize those
interested in the event by gently coaxing it from the bow. If
one die lands on the top of another, it is removed by the
groom-porter and declared a throw.

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