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Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Casino Gambling in history

'The THREE being the best card, if the sharper can make certain
of having a three every time his opponent deals, he must have
considerably the best of the game; and this is effected as
follows:--the sharper places a three underneath an old gentleman
(a card somewhat larger and thicker than the rest of the pack),
and it does not signify how much his opponent shuffles the pack,
it is about five to one that he does not disturb the OLD
GENTLEMAN or the three. The sharper then cuts the cards, which
he does by feeling for the old gentleman; the three being then
the top card, it is dealt to the sharper by his opponent. That
is one way of securing a three, and this alone is quite
sufficient to make a certainty of winning.'[67]

[67] Doings in London.

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