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Piquet, Basset, Faro, Hazard, Passe-Dix, Put, Cross And Pile,Thimble-Rig

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Piquet, Basset, Faro, Hazard, Passe-Dix, Put, Cross And Pile,Thimble-Rig

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Casino Gambling in history

The players sat round a table, the talliere in the midst of them,
with the bank of gold before him, and the punters or players each
having a book of 13 cards, laying down one, two, three, or more,
as they pleased, with money upon them, as stakes; then the
talliere took the pack in his hand and turned them up--the bottom
card appearing being called the fasse; he then paid half the
value of the stakes laid down by the punters upon any card of

After the fasse was turned up, and the talliere and croupiere had
looked round the cards on the table, and taken advantage of the
money laid on them, the former proceeded with his deal; and the
next card appearing, whether the king, queen, ace, or whatever it
might be, won for the player, the latter might receive it, or
making paroli, as before said, go on to sept-et-le-va. The card
after that won for the talliere, who took money from each
player's card of that sort, and brought it into his
bank--obviously a prodigious advantage in the talliere over the

The talliere, if the winning card was a king, and the next after
it was a ten, said (showing the cards all round), 'King wins, ten
loses,' paying the money to such cards as are of the winning
sort, and taking the money from those who lost, added it to his
bank. This done, he went on with the deal, it might be after
this fashion--'Ace wins, five loses; ' 'Knave wins, seven loses;'
and so on, every other card alternately winning and losing, till
all the pack was dealt but the last card.

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