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Piquet, Basset, Faro, Hazard, Passe-Dix, Put, Cross And Pile,Thimble-Rig

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Piquet, Basset, Faro, Hazard, Passe-Dix, Put, Cross And Pile,Thimble-Rig

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Casino Gambling in history

However, it was 'of so bewitching a nature,' says our old writer,
'by reason of the several multiplications and advantages which it
seemingly offered to the unwary punter, that a great many like it
so well that they would play at small game rather than give out;
and rather than not play at all would punt at six-penny,
three-penny, nay, a twopenny bank,--so much did the hope of
winning the quinze-et-le-va and the trente-et-le-va intoxicate

Of course there were frauds practised at Basset by the talliere,
or banker, in addition to his prescriptive advantages. The cards
might be dealt so as not to allow the punter any winning
throughout the pack; and it was in the power of the dealer to let
the punter have as many winnings as he thought convenient, and no

It is said that Basset was invented by a noble Venetian, who was
punished with exile for the contrivance. The game was prohibited
by Louis XIV., in 1691, and soon after fell into oblivion in
France, although flourishing in England. It was also called
Barbacole and Hocca.

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