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The Doctrine Of Probabilities Applied To Gambling

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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The Doctrine Of Probabilities Applied To Gambling

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Casino Gambling in history

The gamester of skill, in games of skill, may at first sight seem
to have more advantage than the gamester of chance, in games of
chance; and while cards are played merely as an amusement, there
is no doubt that a recreation is more rational when it requires
some degree of skill than one, like dice, totally devoid of all
meaning whatever. But when the pleasure becomes a business, and
a matter of mere gain, there is more innocence, perhaps, in a
perfect equality of antagonists--which games of chance, fairly
played, always secure--than where one party is likely to be an
overmatch for the other by his superior knowledge or ability.

Nevertheless, even games of chance may be artfully managed; and
the most apparently casual throw of the dice be made subservient
to the purposes of chicanery and fraud, as will be shown in the

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