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The Doctrine Of Probabilities Applied To Gambling

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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The Doctrine Of Probabilities Applied To Gambling

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Casino Gambling in history

3. 'In a game of chance, the oftener the same combination has
occurred in succession, the nearer we are to the certainty that
it will not recur at the next cast or turn up. This is the most
elementary of the theories on probabilities; it is termed the

'Hence,' according to this great authority, 'a player must come
to the table not only "in luck," but he must not risk his money
excepting at the instant prescribed by the rules of the maturity
of the chances.'

Founded on this theory we have the following precepts for

1. 'For gaming, prefer Roulette, because it presents several
ways of staking your money[57]--which permits the study of

[57] 'Pair, impair, passe, manque, and the 38 numbers of the
Roulette, besides the different combinations of POSITION' and
'maturities' together.

2. 'A player should approach the gaming table perfectly calm and
cool--just as a merchant or tradesman in treaty about any affair.

If he gets into a passion, it is all over with prudence, all over
with good luck--for the demon of bad luck invariably pursues a
passionate player.

3. 'Every man who finds a pleasure in playing runs the risk of

4. 'A prudent player, before undertaking anything, should put
himself to the test to discover if he is "in vein"--in luck. In
all doubt, you should abstain.'

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