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The Doctrine Of Probabilities Applied To Gambling

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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The Doctrine Of Probabilities Applied To Gambling

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Casino Gambling in history

In the matter of skill and chance the nature of cards is mixed,--
most games having in them both elements of interest,--since the
success of the player must depend as much on the chance of the
'deal' as on his skill in playing the game. But even the chance
of the deal is liable to be perverted by all the tricks of
shuffling and cutting--not to mention how the honourable player
may be deceived in a thousand ways by the craft of the sharper,
during the playing, of the cards themselves; consequently
professed gamblers of all denominations, whether their games be
of apparent skill or mere chance, may be confounded together or
considered in the same category, as being equally meritorious and
equally infamous.

Under the name of the Doctrine of Chances or Probabilities, a
very learned science,--much in vogue when lotteries were
prevalent,--has been applied to gambling purposes; and in spite
of the obvious abstruseness of the science, it is not impossible
to give the general reader an idea of its processes and

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