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Gambling in france in all times , chapter 5, page 1

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Volume I Volume II

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz

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Casino Gambling in history

CHAPTER V. page 2

Gaming went on in the camp, and even in the presence of the
enemy. Generals, after having ruined their own fortunes,
compromised the safety of the country. Among the rest, Philibert
de Chalon, Prince d'Orange, who was in command at the siege of
Florence, under the Emperor Charles the Fifth, gambled away the
money which had been confided to him for the pay of the soldiers,
and was compelled, after a struggle of eleven months, to
capitulate with those whom he might have forced to surrender.[39]

[39] Paul. Jov. _Hist_. lib. xxix.

In the reign of Charles VI. we read of an Hotel de Nesle which
was famous for terrible gaming catastrophes. More than one of
its frequenters lost their lives there, and some their honour,
dearer than life. This hotel was not accessible to everybody,
like more modern gaming _salons_, called _Gesvres_ and
_Soissons;_ its gate was open only to the nobility, or the most
opulent gentlemen of the day.

There exists an old poem which describes the doings at this
celebrated Hotel de Nesle.[40] The author, after describing
the convulsions of the players and recording their blasphemies,

[40] The title of this curious old poem is as follows:--
`C'est le dit du Gieu des Dez fait par Eustace, et la maniere
et contenance des Joueurs qui etoient a Neele, ou
etoient Messeigneurs de Berry, de Bourgogne, et plusieurs

Que maints Gentils-hommes tres haulx
Y ont perdu armes et chevaux,
Argent, honour, et Seignourie,
Dont c'etoit horrible folie.

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