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The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz

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Casino Gambling in history

To the readers of the present generation much of this book will, doubtless, seem incredible. Still it is a book of facts--a section of our social history, which is, I think, worth writing, and deserving of meditation ...

Volume I

I The Universal Passion Of Gaming; Or, Gaming All The World Over
II Gambling Among The Ancient Hindoos--A Hindoo Legend And Its Modern Parallel
III Gambling Among The Ancient Egyptians, Persians And Greeks
IV Gaming Among The Ancient Roman Emperors
V Gambling In France In All Times
VI The Rise And Progress Of Modern Gaming In England
VII Gambling In Brighton In 1817
VIII Gambling At The German Bathing-Places
IX Gambling In The United States
X Lady Gamestresses
XI Gambling Poets, Savants, Philosophers, Wits, And Statesmen
XII Remarkable Gamesters
XIII The Lotteries And Their Bewilderments
XIVThe Laws Against Gaming In Various Countries

Volume II

I Chevaliers D'industrie, Or Polite Sharpers
II Professional Gamesters And Their Frauds
III Anecdotes Of The Passions And Vicissitudes Of Gamesters
IV Atrocities, Duels, Suicides, And Execution Of Gamblers
V Oddities And Witticisms Of Gamblers
VI The Gaming Clubs
VII Doings In Gaming Houses
VIII The Doctrine Of Probabilities Applied To Gambling
IX The History Of Dice And Cards
X Piquet, Basset, Faro, Hazard, Passe-Dix, Put, Cross And Pile,Thimble-R
XI Cock-Fighting
XII The Turf, Historical, Social, Moral
XIII Fortune-Telling By Cards (For Ladies)
XIV Amusing Card Tricks

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